Futureways 04

FutureWays.04 Middelburg, Holland
70cm x 250 cm x 20cm
Black glass monolith


Futureways is the story of an art exhibition in the distant future, the biennale of a future civilization. With humour and imagination, deals with the transport of art objects to the venue of the biennale, a task difficult enough in the modern era but even more tenuous in the imagined futures.
Futureways is a unique collaboration between the Whitney Museum of American Art, Printed Matter, Inc., and Arsenal Pulp Press.
Conceived by internationally acclaimed artist Rita McBride and Glen Rubsamen the show took place in Middelburg. My work in the biennale was a recretion of the '‘2001 Space Odissey Monolith’'


Rita Mcbride/Glen Rubsamen/De Vleshal/Whitney Museum of American Art